Our Team

The success of every company, whether big or small, depends on the dedication, leadership, hard work, and commitment of its leaders. Horizon Accounting Inc. has the similar story and it is the strong leadership skills of our smart and dedicated team leaders that our firm has made it this far over the years.
Meet Mr. Kishor Patel
The founder of Horizon Accounting Inc., Mr. Kishor Patel is a highly competent and experienced chartered accountant from India who works as a licensed CPA in the US. Mr. Patel has been in the accounting profession for over 20 years and has a vast wealth of knowledge in accounting. He has always put emphasis on building long lasting relationship with clients, which is one of the reasons why we have so many clients that have been with our firm for years. Mr. Patel is well versed in the taxation rules and regulations of the US, and our clients find his proficiency and knowledge invaluable and beneficial to their business.
Meet Mr. Jitendra Shah
The president of Horizon Accounting Inc., Mr. Jitendra Shah is a resourceful person and a great leader who has contributed a lot in making this firm what it is today. He completed his chartered accountant degree in 1978 from India, and since then has been in the accounting profession providing exceptional taxation, accounting, and auditing services. He has an experience of 21 years in providing accounting services in the US. Despite of being the president, people are inspired by his professionalism and vast knowledge, and clients and employees alike find him easily approachable for advice and guidance whenever needed.
Meet Mr. Viren Bhavsar
Mr. Viren Bhavsar is the executive assistant at Horizon Accounting Inc. and is a very talented, passionate, and valued member of our team. Mr. Bhavsar has over 5 years of experience in accounting and taxation, and is the go-to person for business sales tax and personal and business income tax returns. He oversees monthly and annual accounts and financial statements, and is known for his competency in tax filing and accounting.