Staffing Companies

Staffing companies are faced with a wide range of challenges and issues, as they try to efficiently recruit and manage their workforce. Many of these challenges center upon cash flow management, employee versus contractor and bonus payments, to name but a few. Staffing companies are also seen to be good indicators of economic trends and conditions, and this too, presents them with a whole new set of challenges.

Here at Horizon Accounting Inc., we have developed a fully featured and manageable system, to help staffing companies best tackle all of their issues with professionalism and efficiency. We focus on recruiting, and then move into accounting and billings and will help them to streamline each process.

We find that most business owners prefer an integrated staffing company bookkeeping system from job post to project billing, and with our expertise, we can help them to achieve this. We will implement a system that can be customized to handle all of their necessary requirements.

Once this has been done, our clients can then focus on the most important aspects of their business, safe in the knowledge that with our constant support and guidance, things will run smoothly with our advisors at the helm.

Some of the services we provide:

  • Tax compliance consulting
  • Financial statements
  • Financing and cash flow analysis

For our full range of services, please contact us directly, either by telephone at 224-353-6460 or via e-mail at