Horizon Accounting Inc provides practical solutions to all your business needs. We offer a diverse range of accounting and related services to clients from all walks of life. Since we are an enthusiastic and committed team of professionals, we focus on providing personalized and quality services to each of our clients. Here is a full list of our services with their briefings. You may contact us to know more each of our services.

Formation of Corporations

Incorporation is the base to start a new business. There are so many rules and regulations that one should know to start a business. We help our clients to understand the laws and choose the right format as per their needs and tax benefit. We help them to fulfill their dreams with no complications. We offer the following services to start a new business:
  • Incorporate a business in all 50 states of the USA.
  • Select the right business entity based on the nature and size of their business. It can be an ‘S’ Corporation, LLC Partnership, Sole Proprietorship, Not for Profit Estate and Trust, or a Service Corporation.
  • Get the FEIN number, which is the initial mandatory number to start the process of incorporation. We get it in minutes.
  • Get Sales tax number and Unemployment number.
  • Filing of appropriate forms with State and the IRS related to the corporation.

Secretary of State Services

We offer our clients with secretary of state services, which include:
  • Renewal of yearly annual report.
  • Change of registered agent.
  • Filing of Articles of Amendment.
  • Filing of Articles of Dissolution


With the technology advancing at a rapid pace and cutthroat competition, we help our clients to cope with financial needs and enable them to make sound decisions. We also provide expert guidance to help them survive in today’s tough economy.
  • Accounting set up on any software including Saga and QuickBooks enterprise solution along with Inventory set up.
  • General ledger scrutiny and preparation of financial statements on quarterly basis or any date required by the client.
  • Bookkeeping setup according to the client’s business needs, industry in which they are operating, and IRS requirements.
  • Hassle free accounting - online & e-file


We know how valuable time is in the business industry. We also understand that it takes a lot of energy to generate payroll on a monthly basis. So, we unburden our clients by taking care of this daunting task at affordable rates that fit in their budget. You can benefit from our following payroll services:
  • Weekly, bi-weekly and monthly payroll.
  • Filing of Federal payroll tax return (Form 941).
  • Filing of State payroll tax return.
  • Filing of County payroll tax return (some State specific)./li>
  • Direct deposit services.
  • Depositing taxes for Federal and state.
  • Preparing W-2 at year’s end.
  • Preparing form 1099.
  • Providing payroll summaries as per the requirement of clients.

Sales Tax

This monthly service helps the clients to overcome all the anxiety of running the business. We differentiate ourselves by providing the following services:
  • Multistate sales tax preparation.
  • Online sales tax filings.
  • Online sales tax payments
  • CMFT filings and payment
  • Chicago soft drinks tax filings and payments
  • Preparing City tax forms.
  • Preparing County tax forms.

Income Taxes

Complexity and yearly changes in the tax laws and regulations make filing income taxing an intimidating task for business owners. Our knowledgeable and expert team not only helps you to understand the tax terms, but also works with you to overcome the complications of it. The only thing that the clients need to think about is the maximum tax return from the government. You can overcome the fear of income tax by opting for our following services:
  • Fast and accurate individual tax preparation with the intent to maximize tax return through five-star rating tax preparation software PROSERIES by Intuit.
  • Annual Corporate tax preparation through five-star rating tax preparation software. (PROSERIES by Intuit)
  • Multistate individual and corporate tax preparation


Auditing allows the business owners to see the larger picture of their financial position of their company, which is necessary to remain competitive and grow. Our professional auditors help the clients to evaluate and understand their financial standing so that they are able to make well-grounded strategic decisions.
  • Sales Tax Audit – handling of various notices, liaison with the department, communication with auditor, making arrangement for inspection of documents in office by auditors, and conclusion of audit.
  • IRS Audit – coordination with the IRS agent, replying various notices, appearing in person before them, submission of documents and conclusion of audit

IRS Representation

When the IRS selects an individual business or company for an IRS audit, they often get intimidated and their immediate reaction is full of panic and anxiety, making their business suspicious in the eyes of IRS agents. This is where Horizon Accounting Inc comes into play, as we have been representing companies for a long time now and know how to deal with IRS agents. We also offer the following IRS representation services:
  • Replying various notices to the IRS on client’s behalf
  • Reduction of penalties
  • Offer in compromise

Expert Services

Apart from our regular accounting and bookkeeping services, we offer additional expert services, including:
  • International Taxation – International taxation, particularly with reference to India, you will be on advantageous position as we know the laws and regulation of both countries. We can help you with preparation of FBAR and 1040 claiming tax paid in India.
  • Project Report – Preparation of project report / Business Plan as required by banks and any other investing party.

Staff Services & Correspondence

Horizon Accounting Inc offers several staff and correspondence services to the clients to help them meet their business goals and objectives.
  • Consultancy - Round the clock free advice through phone, e- mail.
  • Staff Services – Expert and courteous staff support during office hours.
  • Deadlines – Email reminders for payment of sales tax, payroll tax, estimated tax, and corporate tax.

Tax planning

At Horizon Accounting Inc, we keep record of your every financial transaction and make sure that it has minimum effect on your tax strategy. Our expert tax advisors devise a well-grounded plan for your business to help you curtail the tax implications.
  • Tax Planning: devising various strategies to minimize overall tax liability group as a whole.

Statutory Audit and Compliance

We offer statutory audit and compliance services to our clients that involve auditing, reviewing and compilation of of accounts. We submit this information to banks and other government or appropriate authorities for review.

Additional Services

  • Preparation of Bylaws, Share Certificate, Drafting of Minutes of Board Meeting and Dissolution.
  • Application for Liquor license and Lottery license.