Corporation Tax

Business owners often have many procedures to handle and compliances to follow. Horizon Accounting Inc’s services come handy as we take away the stress of fulfilling the guidelines by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and other government bodies. We offer you with a complete taxation solution for all your tax needs. We handle your tax affairs so you can invest your time and energy in your business. Our tax services are backed with a network of professional tax consultants thereby bringing in the knowledge and the expertise from all perspective including the local, national and the international.
Corporate Tax

Our team of professional accountants provides sound corporate tax related advice to ensure that you accurately meet your legal tax requirements. We provide you with honest guidance on corporation tax reliefs, allowable taxes, and corporation profit adjustment. Our tax professionals make sure that all your taxes are filed on time and that you get maximum tax returns.

Income Tax

We also offer top-notch income tax services and make sure that they get the maximum possible return on their taxes. We provide fast and accurate individual Federal and State tax preparation by using five star rated software called PROSERIES by Intuit. Moreover, we provide multistate individual tax preparation services.

Sales Tax

Horizon Accounting Inc. offers a wide range of sales tax services, including:

  • Online Sales Tax filings and payments
  • Chicago tax filings and payments
  • County Motor Fuel Tax (CMFT) filings and payment
  • Hotel Operators’ Occupation Tax returns (RHM-1)
  • Multistate sales tax preparation
  • Preparing City, County & Village tax forms

Payroll Tax

Horizon Accounting Inc. offers several payroll tax services, including:

  • Filing Federal Quarterly Payroll Tax Returns (941)
  • Filing State Quarterly Payroll Tax Returns
  • Filing County Quarterly Payroll Tax Returns
  • Filing Unemployment Tax Returns
  • Making monthly and quarterly payments to Departments and IRS
  • Preparing payroll summaries for Employment Insurance Audits
  • Preparation and filing for W-2 and 1099

Whether you are looking for filing corporation tax or have tax concerns that you need professional assistance for, you can count on our professional tax consultants. Call us at 224-353- 6460 or email at